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As a co-founder of a start-up, I need to sell complicated deals to sophisticated partners. In half an hour, my getWise expert managed to reassure me, give me a framework for thinking about how to sell, and helped me figure out how to approach an upcoming sales meeting.
Kate Terry, Co-Founder of Surround Insurance
I had a need for very specialized information - I needed a conversation with an expert. It was well worth the fee I paid! Thank you getWise!
Sean Troy, Founder of Mowhire
I am so grateful to getWise for connecting me to an expert. I noticed an immediate difference in traction and attention to my applications. I am now in a job that I love!
Elizabeth F.
I needed help learning how to be a more controlled speaker, and my call with the expert was eye-opening. The value from just a half-hour of her time was incredible, and I now have enough to start putting together my speaking action plan! #awesomesauce
Minessa Konecky, Founder of Direct to Success
In the middle of editing my book - I decided to take the plunge and figure out my next step. Turns out - it's not just one step - it's several - but the expert mapped it out for me and was very easy to talk to and bounce things off of.
Eileen Zacco, Author

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