How it works

Affordable access to world-class experts. Been there done that advice

getWise is a curated network of top experts – experts cannot apply or pay to join, they must be invited and they must be aligned with our mission: to provide affordable advice to support your business or career growth.

How It Works

Find an expert

We have experts from all different stages of business, career and life to help you find just the right one for you!

Schedule a call

Choose a time to call and expert will walk through the problem and help you solve it!

Connect with the expert

You will be emailed a conference line to call. All calls are recorded so don’t even worry about taking notes!


All of our experts agree to a flat “low bono” fee to keep access affordable.

One-time call

All of our experts agree to a flat “low bono” fee to keep access affordable.

Book a 50-Minute Call for $99

  • 50-Minute Call with 1 Expert
  • Full Recording
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule a call?

Click the “Request for a call” button. A page will prompt where you’ll see their availability.

What if I can’t find an expert for what I need?

Please chat with our Expert concierge, so they can further assist you in finding the right expert

What if I go over the 50- minute limit?

You’ll get a warning a few minutes before the call ends, so you can wrap up your questions.

How do I prepare for my call with an expert?

Focus on a specific challenge that you need help with and prepare all the questions.

How will I receive the call information?

A confirmation of the call will be sent to you via email and SMS. The email includes the call link for you to join.

How can I view previous calls with experts?

Go to your profile settings and click ‘My Calls’ tab to see the call history and download the recordings.